Since licensing information is logged in the Azure diagnostic storage account named diag, it is important to create, set, and keep the lock level to CanNotDelete on this diagnostic storage account to prevent diagnostic logs from being deleted. A CanNotDelete lock level means users can read and modify a resource, but cannot delete the resource. If your role is not Owner or User Access Administrator, see your company's cloud administrator to have a lock created.

Access logs from the following locations to view the status of folding and unfolding.

Azure diagnostic logs
  1. From the Azure console, go to the diagnostic storage account name that starts with dg.
  2. Look for the following: Blobs > teradata > FUF and access tdc reconfig timestamp.log to get the log of any operation.

A separate log is created each time you fold or unfold.

System log fileFrom inside the VM, view the following log for troubleshooting and diagnostics: /var/log/tdc-reconfig.log

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