Obtaining Teradata Licensing Information for BYOL

If you choose to purchase Teradata software using BYOL, you must obtain your Teradata licensing information and verify you have a sufficient quantity of TCores before deploying Teradata Database on Azure.

  1. Determine how many TCores you need for your deployment.
    SeeTeradata Database VM Sizes for the number of TCores per VM.
  2. Contact your Teradata Account Team to order licenses.
    Two e-mails are sent to you:
    • An email that provides the following information about your order:
      • An EMS Entitlement ID (EID)

        An EID is a string corresponding with your Teradata license and your Master Customer Number. You will use the EID when you deploy the software. It never expires.

      • A list of all licensed products requiring a license string
      • A list of non-licensed key products
      • A list of software files
      • A list of publication files
    • An email explaining how to access the Teradata EMS server, including your EMS login credentials.

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