Backing Down Server Management

You cannot back down to a previous version of Server Management with PUT. You must use the cmicimageupdate utility from another VM managed by the CMIC. The steps below use Viewpoint as the example.

You cannot back down to a version earlier than the minimum version allowed on Teradata Database on Azure.

  1. Download the latest CMIC image to which you want to back down from Teradata Support.
    New and existing Teradata customers with on-premises Teradata systems can use Teradata Support to download the CMIC image.
  2. From the Azure portal, note the private IP and public IP of the CMIC VM.
  3. Log on to the VM using the authentication type you chose when deploying the VM.
  4. Run the configuration utility.
    ./cmicimageupdate --cmic  private-CMIC-IP --sshuser username --identity  private-key-file 
    --image  CMIC image.cif
    • The public-IP is public IP address of the CMIC VM. Although a public IP address can be used a private IP address is preferred.
    • The private-key-file is the private key file (.pem) of the key pair specified when deploying the VM.
    • The CMIC image is the name of the downloaded CMIC .cif file.
  5. When prompted, type yes to continue.
    The utility updates the CMIC version.

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