Revoking Licenses for BYOL

For BYOL, you must revoke the licenses before you deallocate a VM, delete a VM, or delete the Azure resource group. If you accidentally delete the resource group before you revoke the licenses, contact Teradata Customer Support.

Since licensing information is logged in the Azure diagnostic storage account named diag, it is important to keep the CanNotDelete resource lock on this diagnostic storage account to prevent diagnostic logs from being deleted.

  1. Switch to the root user environment.
    # sudo su -
  2. Run the following command from a Teradata Database node.
    The revocation is complete when you see License has been revoked successfully.
  3. Verify the revoked licenses have been credited back.
    1. Log into the Teradata EMS server at
    2. Click to expand Products.
    3. In the Available column, verify the quantity of available TCores has increased by the number of revoked TCores.
It is safe to deallocate the VM or delete the VM. You can also delete the resource group.

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