Configuring ServiceConnect for Server Management

To configure a portlet on a Viewpoint VM, you must know the admin password for the Viewpoint portal. Obtaining that password is part of configuring Teradata Viewpoint.
[Enterprise, Advanced, and Base tiers only] Use the Server Management portlet in Teradata Viewpoint to configure ServiceConnect.
  1. From your browser, display the Viewpoint portal logon screen.
    where: public-DNS is the DNS host name of the Viewpoint VM.
  2. Log in to the Viewpoint portal using administrative credentials.
    You are now ready to configure ServiceConnect.
  3. From the Teradata Viewpoint portal page, click in the top right corner of the page.
  4. In the Viewpoint Administration menu, select Server Management.
  5. In the SiteIDs header, click to add a site ID.
  6. In the Configure list, click General.
  7. In the Details pane, enter the site ID and the host ID.
    The site ID is the one you specified when configuring the CMIC VM. The host ID is the private IP address of the CMIC VM.
  8. In the Login pane, enter credentials as follows:
    • At Name, enter rest.
    • At Password, enter the Server Management REST password you specified when configuring the CMIC VM.
  9. Click Test.
    If the test is successful, appears. If one of the entries is incorrect, a detailed error message appears.
  10. Click Apply.
  11. From the Configure list, click ServiceConnect.
  12. Log in to Teradata ServiceConnect.
    The Teradata ServiceConnect details appear. If the system was previously set up with a site ID, the SiteID box is populated.
  13. Do one of the following:
    ServiceConnect Description
    If ServiceConnect has not been configured Click Create Connection.

    A connection is created, devices are configured, and an alert is generated. If no SM_LOG alert action set is defined, one is created for all times (Core, Evening, Weekend) and includes the log action in the Alert Viewer portlet. If no ALL alert is defined for Server Management, one is created and enabled for all site IDs, and will send a notification when updates occur.

    After you create a connection, the connection is tested as part of the process so there is no need to click Test Connection afterwards.

    If ServiceConnect is configured Click Test Connection.

    An Asset Baseline and Alert Escalation Test is run.

    • If the connection is successful, verify an email was received.
    • If the Asset Baseline fails, contact Teradata Customer Support.
    • If the Alert Escalation Test fails, ensure all nodes are in an operational state, and test the connection again. If it fails a second time, contact Teradata Customer Support.
  14. Click Apply.

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