Teradata Ecosystem Overview

From the Azure Marketplace, you can deploy a Teradata ecosystem using a solution template. The Teradata ecosystem includes one or more Teradata Database products deployed and configured simultaneously to work together.

Teradata Database license tiers include the rights to use the software listed. Each tier is unique in what it offers in system concurrency and node limits, VM sizes, and the available database features. For more information, see Teradata Database License Tiers. For information on which database features are installed automatically in the Teradata ecosystem versus those requiring manual installation, see Teradata Database Features.

When you deploy a Teradata ecosystem, you cannot add or remove software products from a Teradata VM after deployment. If the Teradata VM does not include the software products you want, stop and deallocate the VM, and then deploy a new VM that includes those products with the Teradata Database.

You can also deploy Teradata products separately. For more information, see Deploying Teradata Products Separately on Azure.

After deployment, additional configuration may be required. For more information, see Configuring Teradata Software for Azure.

Some Teradata products, including Teradata Tools and Utilities, are deployed in other ways. For more information, see Deploying Other Teradata Applications on Azure.

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