Configuring and Initializing ClientHandler on Teradata Database Nodes

  1. Run the following command from each Teradata Database node.
    # /opt/teradata/client/version/dsa/barnc-init
    where version is the version of DSC you are configuring.
    A prompt displays.
  2. Enter the name of the server.
    For example, prodApp-1.
    The script appends _media to the name. Another prompt displays.
  3. Enter the IP address for the server running tdactivemq for Teradata DSC.
    This IP address is the same as the DSC server that is running. For example,
    The script verifies the connection to this IP address on ports 61616 and 15401. If successful, another prompt displays.
  4. If the connection to the IP address fails, run the script again and provide the correct IP address to configure and initialize ClientHandler.
  5. Enter the host name of the BarNC Web Services.
    This host name is the DNS name for the first TPA node. For example, ip-1-2-3-4.

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