Bring Your Own License

The optional bring your own license (BYOL) feature allows you to use a license purchased directly from Teradata in the public cloud. You can bring your own license for the following products:
  • Teradata Database (Base, Advanced, or Enterprise license tier only)
  • Teradata IntelliSphere

The quantity of licenses is expressed in TCores, for which the value is based on the VM size and I/O capacity. Adding more nodes increases the required number of TCores. Fewer TCores means fewer virtual CPUs. More TCores allow you to deploy more virtual CPUs. In this way, the quantity of TCores affects the performance capabilities of the system.

TCores can be activated, revoked, and redeployed on public cloud platforms where Teradata Database is offered. They are portable between public cloud platforms. If you want your TCores to be portable between a public cloud platform and Teradata IntelliCloud or an on-premises systems, contact your Teradata Account Team.

An entitlement provides you the right to use Teradata software. The Teradata EMS server ( enables you to view and manage your entitlements. See the Teradata Entitlement Management System (EMS) Customer User Guide. When launching a Teradata ecosystem, each Teradata Database VM automatically requests a license activation from the Teradata EMS server. If additional TCores are needed to properly license the software, contact your Teradata Account Team.

To use BYOL, you must deploy a Teradata Database ecosystem using a Teradata Database solution template. After deploying Teradata Database (with or without additional products in the ecosystem), you can launch additional Teradata software products separately if desired.

BYOL requires the following:
  • Internet access while the deployed system is running.
  • Ensure the NSGs do not block the outbound traffic to allow Internet access, ensuring all Azure public endpoints are accessible by default.
  • Port 443 must be opened to access the Teradata EMS server.
  • Traffic originating and ending in a virtual network is allowed in both inbound and outbound directions by default in a NSG. Ensure all traffic between all VMs in the VNet is not constrained.

To renew a license, contact your Teradata Account Team.

After a license expires, periodic database restarts occur and eventually the database is disabled.

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