Teradata Database on Azure Overview

Microsoft Azure enables you to create a self-managed Teradata Database system directly in the Azure public cloud. The Azure Marketplace is an online store that helps you find, buy, and immediately start using software and services in the Azure cloud.

As a self-provisioned environment, Teradata Database on Azure is delivered as software that can be deployed in the Azure IaaS environment. Teradata offers a variety of multi-terabyte images in the Azure Marketplace for the Teradata Database and supporting software.

Microsoft Azure offers a virtual computing environment where you can deploy Teradata VMs, load them with a custom application environment, and manage security.

Running Teradata Database on Azure is similar to running a Teradata Database in your on-site data center. From a database perspective, there are no differences between the two environments. There are, however, a number of Azure considerations for configuring software, migrating data, security, and data backup relating to system management that are explained in this guide.

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