Private IP Addresses

Teradata deploys a default VNet with three subnets, but also provides the option to use an existing VNet in the same region.

If you choose to use your company’s own VNet, follow these guidelines:
  • Define three different subnets: one for Teradata and two for BYNET 0 and 1.
  • Each subnet must have enough available IPs for each Teradata node. For example, an eight-node system requires eight IPs for subnet 1, eight IPs for subnet 2, and eight IPs for subnet 3.
  • Only subnet 1 must be able to talk to external Teradata or third-party components; subnet 2 and subnet 3 (BYNET subnets) are for local traffic only.
  • Use a unique address space for each subnet; do not overlap subnets.
  • Only TPA (database) nodes require one IP from each subnet. Other Teradata components, such as Viewpoint, require one IP per VM in subnet 1.

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