Azure Service Limits

When you create your Azure account, Azure sets default service limits on certain resources on a per-region basis. Before deploying VMs, check the limits to determine if any should be increased especially for core, networking, and storage. Plan to request limit increases in advance of the time that you need them.

To request limit increases, create an Azure support request. When you create a support request, select the issue type which is always Quota, your subscription, support plan, severity, deployment model which is Resource Manager, location which is your region, specify VMs that apply to this request. The table below lists examples of request types where you may need to increase service limits.

Prior to using DSU, check the maximum Azure storage account capacity. See Azure Documentation Center for more information on Azure storage account limits and performance targets.

Prior to unfolding a system, you may need to increase Azure service limits. The limits cannot be automatically detected before you unfold. Since unfolding will need additional resources like VMs, managed disks, and network interfaces, ensure there are sufficient resources in your resource group. Do not unfold the system beyond the maximum node limit.

Request TypeQuota TypeDetails
CoresCoresRequest the number of additional cores, including if you plan to unfold a system.
Networking LimitsNetworking: ARMRequest the number of additional public IPs and specify the region where they are needed and provide a detailed justification.

Before deploying a Teradata Database MPP image, increase the public IP limits to sufficiently meet your needs.

StorageStorage: ARMRequest the number of additional premium storage accounts and specify the region where they are needed.

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