Teradata Database Use Cases for the Public Cloud

Teradata Database can be used in different ways when a powerful relational database solution is needed in the public cloud.
Use CaseDescription
Analytics SandboxA short-lived, flexible, and evolving analytic environment that can be easily stood up, evolved, scaled, and shut down based on discovery, development, and testing needs.
Backup, Archive, and RestoreMigrate a portion of your BAR operations to the cloud to reduce hardware and maintenance costs and convert capital expenses to operating expenses. Most solutions include a combination of on-premises and cloud storage based on the need to restore from the backup.
Database ConversionsMigrate from a third-party database to Teradata, focusing on automatically inventorying, capturing, and recreating data structures on Teradata and the SQL code conversion.
Migrate from On-Premises to the CloudMigrate workloads from on-premises to the cloud in total or in part. Migrations include establishing the environment and an initial historical data load/port.
Test and DevelopmentStand up a persistent and scalable environment for developing and testing solutions prior to deploying into production. The test and development environment includes the other ecosystem components running in your production environment.
Production Analytics SolutionsA public cloud analytics solution allows you to find new insights in your data. Analytics includes both business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytic capabilities.
Cloud-based Data Lake on HadoopBuild a data lake on top of a pubic cloud. Engagement may include building the analytics on top of the lake.

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