Quick Start

Before deploying Teradata Database on Azure VMs, the following information helps you get started.
Steps More Information
Sign up for an Azure account. See https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/ and click Start free.
Learn about resource groups. See Resource Groups.
Learn about availability sets. See Availability Sets.
Learn about VNets. See VNets.
Learn about network security groups. See Network Security Groups and Ports.
Learn about public IP addresses and private IP addresses. See Public IP Addresses and Connection Considerations.
Learn about geographic regions to maximize performance. See Location and Time Zone Considerations.
Decide if you want temporary or persistent storage for your data. See Overview of Storage Types.
Learn about available Teradata products. See Supported Software for Teradata Database on Azure.

For products with more than one image, decide which image you want to deploy. See Software Products with Multiple Images.

Decide the way you want to deploy your Teradata Database VM. To learn about the different methods of deploying Teradata Database and multiple other Teradata software products simultaneously, see Teradata Ecosystem Overview.

To learn about deploying Teradata products one at a time from an image, see Deploying Teradata Products Separately on Azure.

Learn about Azure service limits and increase them in advance of the time that you need them. See Azure Service Limits.
Learn about administrative tasks. Learn about how to avoid incurring charges, including Stop, Deallocate, or Delete a VM in Azure.
Learn about node failure recovery and changes you can make before a node failure occurs. See Node Failure Issues.

Before a node failure occurs, you can set the VM to terminate instead of stopping. See Configuring the VM State for Node Failure Recovery.

Register for Teradata Support. To register and log on to TaYS, see http://www.teradata.com/azure/support/. After completing the support registration, an email is sent by the second business day from the time you registered for Teradata support. The email contains your Master Customer Record, Site ID, user ID, and password. See Site IDs.

Until your Teradata support registration is completed, use the Teradata Community forum for Teradata Database on Azure. See Links: Teradata on Azure.

Teradata support is available for all license tiers except for Teradata Database Developer. Use the Teradata Community forum for community-driven customer support.

Learn about how to use the Teradata Database and the associated software. See http://www.info.teradata.com for Teradata customer documentation. For example, see the Teradata Viewpoint User Guide to learn how to monitor your Teradata Database.

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