Configuring COP Entries

After folding or unfolding, COP entries must be updated on the client machines and client connections must be restarted. If this is not done, the system can become unbalanced and, under heavy data transfers between the client machines and the Teradata Database, severe AMP skew and poor performance may occur.

  1. Assign the COP entries on your client machine using entries from /etc/hosts file from any of the TPA node.
  2. Enter the following command to display the COP entries in the correct order for the system.
    Complete this step regardless of the Fold/Unfold setting.
    # tdc-network-copentries
    Following is an example of the output:
    COP entries: databasecop1 databasecop2 databasecop3 databasecop4 databasecop5 databasecop7
    The hosts file on all the TPA nodes is updated with the COP entries after a system is folded or unfolded.

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