Enabling Node Failure Recovery

You must create a service principal before enabling the node failure recovery feature. See Creating an Azure Active Directory Application and the Service Principal.
When the failed node is stopped, you may lose the diagnostic information.
  1. From the Azure portal, note the private IP and either the public IP or private DNS of the Teradata Database VM.
  2. Log on to the VM using the authentication type you chose when deploying the VM.
  3. Switch to the root user environment.
    # sudo su -
  4. Enable the node failure recovery feature and enter responses to the prompts.
    1. Run tdc-feature-init without arguments.
      # tdc-feature-init
    2. Enter the client ID of your service principal.
    3. Enter the secret key of your service principal.
    4. Enter the tenant of your service principal.
    5. Enter your Azure subscription ID.
    Credentials validation succeeded displays. Service principal details are written to /etc/opt/teradata/tdconfig/service_principal_config.json.
  5. While the feature runs, do the following:
    1. Check /var/log/tdc-nodestart-PMA-ID.log for errors.
    2. Check /var/log/messages for messages.
    3. Check /var/log/boot.log for information.
  6. After the feature finishes, go to the Azure portal to check the deployment logs to see if the deployment of the replacement node was successful.

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