Deployment of Images by Product

You can deploy a single Teradata VM from an image, referred to as deploying a "VM offer," except for Teradata Database and Teradata Data Mover. To deploy Teradata Database, you must use a Teradata ecosystem solution template. For information about deploying Teradata Database with other Teradata products using the Teradata ecosystem solution template, see Deploying a Teradata Ecosystem on Azure. For information about deploying Teradata Data Mover using a Teradata solution template, see Deployment of Teradata Products from a Solution Template.

Before deploying a single VM from an image, you can deploy a Teradata Database MPP system using a Teradata ecosystem solution template which creates a new VM subnet and BYNET subnets in a new VNet. If you plan to use the Teradata Database in conjunction with any of the following products, you will select the VNet and VM subnets that were created when the database was deployed instead of creating new ones. If you are using VNet peering, you can create a new virtual network and new subnets.

Product Deploy Single VM
Teradata Database No
Teradata Data Mover No
Teradata Data Stream Controller Yes
Teradata Ecosystem Manager Yes
Teradata QueryGrid Manager Yes
Teradata REST Services Yes
Teradata Server Management No
Teradata Viewpoint Yes
Some Teradata products, including Teradata Tools and Utilities, are deployed in other ways. For more information, see Deploying Other Teradata Applications on Azure.

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